Theft Protection 6000 Lumen

Worried about your device getting stolen?

With theft protection, we will replace your device in the event it is stolen within 2 years of purchase. Simply secure your new Luxedo Projection System using a simple ground anchor and bike alarm, and you are covered! 

Regular price Regular price $599
Regular price $599
Guaranteed Satisfaction
Return Policy
Expert Customer
Lifetime Software
Completely Remote
The projector is controlled completely remotely. You can configure and operate your projector from anywhere in the world.
Luxedo Software
Your projector includes permanent, free access to a custom creative suite which allows you to light up and animate surfaces without complex graphics design software.
We make animation easy! Our intuitive tools provide quick, clean ways to animate your projects.
Choose from a variety of preloaded fonts to create compelling messages, interactive advertisements or engaging signage.
Import your own digital art from any source.
Upload and stream your own audio and video files to play on a sequenced loop continuously or set up on a queue.
Decorative Displays
Create elaborate decorations for any holiday, celebration or event with customized graphics, skins, text, images and more.
Queue up days, weeks, or even months of content with our scheduling tool.
1280x700 px
Throw Ratio
0.6 (very wide)
Projection Distance
5 - 50 ft
3800 lumen
Projector is equipped with a high-powered Wi-Fi chipset and range extender
Projector can connect to speakers via Bluetooth
Metal housing ensures resistance to almost any outdoor weather conditions
Anti-Theft Software
Devices are only powered on through your Luxedo software, which is only accessible with your username and password
Security Eyelet
Luxedo hardware comes equipped with a security eyelet, offering the ability to secure your projector via stake or cabled lock
Other Options
Click here to see our security guide.
From home to business to exhibit, watch as LUXEDO dazzles every audience.
Home Home
Kick your seasonal decorating up a notch by creating memorable graphics, images and visual scenery.
Entertainment Entertainment
Leave a lasting impression on an audience by creating immersive, eye-catching light shows, interactive art displays and more.
Businesses Businesses
Add massive value to your brand and experiences with interactive displays and messages both inside and outside the building.
AttractionS AttractionS
Create unforgettable memories by transforming any surface into dynamic art. From events to state-of-the-art amusement parks, tourists and locals will leave in awe.
See how others have created amazing experiences

Introducing LuxEDO
MyLuxedo Design Portal
The MyLuxedo portal empowers the everyday user to design and create 3D, augmented reality projections anytime, anywhere in three simple steps.



I'm fairly seasoned and familiar with projection mapping and I gotta say, this was unbelievably easy. As an AR geek myself this is my new favorite hobby. Nothing I've ever used before was this cohesive and simplified. My guests are always impressed with the different ways I use it indoors.


I was honestly kind of hesitant at first because I've never used this type of equipment before with my art. I'd been creating pretty similar pieces lately and just wanted to spice it up. So glad I ended up doing it because the customer service team made it so easy to learn as a newbie. I was able to design 6 different projects so far and haven't had to purchase any new material like I usually do. It's actually a major cost saver and has boundless potential. Love it!


When I say LIFE CHANGING I cannot express it enough. I got tired of getting on a ladder, stringing Christmas lights, counting how many actually worked, buying new decorations... This year my kids got involved, let their imagination run wild to the point where we were able to switch up our decor once a week just to give my kids the chance to have their favorite designs up.


So my wife gifted this to me knowing how much I cant stand putting up Christmas decorations. I really didn't think it would be this easy. Definitely made my house the coolest on the block. Never doing it any other way again!

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