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Need help with your Luxedo projection system or want to learn more about what we offer? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question being answered below, feel free to contact us

I’m new to this. Will I still be able to understand the Luxedo software?
Yes, Luxedo is designed for users from every technical background.
Is Luxedo available for Windows?
Yes, for an optimum experience we recommend using a Google Chrome browser.
Is Luxedo available for Mac?
Yes, for an optimum experience we recommend using a Google Chrome browser.
What is the Luxedo warranty?
Each customer receives a 1-year warranty covering all electronics of Luxedo manufactured products. If the customer support team deem the product to be in need of repair or replacement, we will walk you through our RMA process for repairing or replacing your affected device. If your device has an included 3rd party projector, please refer to the original manufacturer warranty for affected projectors.
I already have a Luxedo projector, am I able to download the Luxedo software without purchasing a new projector?
Yes, all you need is your user name and password to log into the Luxedo design portal.
Can I link multiple projectors to my Luxedo portal?
Yes! Our proprietary software is designed to blend multiple projectors together to create one, large image.
Will the Luxedo projector cover my whole house?
Use this tool to check if Luxedo is suitable for your projection environment.
Can I return my Luxedo projector?
You can view our return policy here.
Why is there a fee to return my Luxedo?
We understand the the Luxedo Projection System is not always a good fit for everyone's projection mapping environment. This can lead to expensive, avoidable returns in cases where people have not properly researched if the LPS is a good fit for their environment. Because of this, the return fee is an important precaution that protects us and our customers in several ways: The most obvious reason for the fee is that it covers the cost of returns. Between shipping both ways, credit card fees, and the man-hour cost of refurbishing, restoring, and quality-testing returned projectors, every avoidable return represents a significant loss. By having this fee, these costs can instead be funneled back into our efforts to continually improve our products for our customers who stay with us. Though the fee seems steep, returns are never profitable for us. More importantly than covering our costs, the fee is designed to encourage people to actively research the LPS before buying it. We want to dedicate our efforts to making sure that every customer who buys a projector is happy with it, and that means recognizing that it is not always a good fit for everyone. We encourage everyone to check our available resources and to contact us if you're uncertain about buying the LPS. We would much rather be honest and forthright that it does not fit your needs than waste your time and money and leave you unsatisfied! Finally, we use the fee to protect ourselves from people who would maliciously take advantage of a full return policy. In the past, people have tried to buy our projector, use it for one special event, and return it at the end of the return policy in spite of having gotten much use out of it. This kind of behavior is very costly to us and needs to be prevented, but it is also important to us to offer a return policy as a show of faith in our own product and out of respect for our customers. For this reason, our return fee is an important and effective barrier that allows us to fulfill both of these needs. For all of these reasons, the return fee is non-negotiable except in the case of un-resolvable errors in the functionality. We thank you for your understanding.
I want to download the Luxedo software on a different computer, how should I do that?
As long as your computer has an internet connection, the Luxedo software can be accessed anywhere, anytime by going to www.myluxedo.com.
How weather-resistant is my Luxedo projector?
As long as your device is not submerged in water, normal weather conditions will not be a problem.
Where is the power button?
There isn’t one. Once your power cord is plugged into your device, it will automatically turn on. You can also manage when you want the device to turn on and off via the Luxedo design portal.
What kind of power cord do I need?
A standard 3-prong, 120V power cord. Most consumer extension coords will work just fine.
How do I protect my Luxedo Projector against theft?
There are several ways you can secure your projector. See this guide for detailed instructions
What is the refund policy for LuxLink?
Unfortunately the holiday and event-based nature of our product makes it easy to abuse a refund policy. We only offer refunds if you have encountered technical issues with LuxLink.
How many projectors can I use with LuxLink?
The base plan supports two projectors at one time. However, you can further upgrade your plan to support as many as you need.
Does your software include AtmosFX© videos or other video media shown in your promotional material?
For legal and copyright reasons, our software does not come bundled with most media - however, you can directly upload any videos, images, music, etc. you want into the editor and use them in your lightshows! This includes AtmosFX© videos which you own, images you download from google, videos you have downloaded, etc.
Can you download your Luxedo scene videos?
Yes, they can be downloaded directly as MP4's.
Do you offer a service that will create projection shows for me?
Our company does not offer this service, but we have a partner who will! Click here for more info.
Can I use Luxedo offline?
While the initial setup requires an internet connection, once your shows are scheduled and downloaded to your device you can disconnect it and it will continue to play when scheduled. This allows you to setup your device using a temporary mobile hotspot.

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