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Bringing the most immersive projection displays to life through an unfettered AR experience.

Create revolutionary 3D projection art, custom designs, unique graphics and advertisements with one, user-friendly projection mapping software. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Luxedo’s new laser projector options utilize short-throw lens technology to transform homes, buildings, stages, sidewalks and more by projecting interactive imagery instantly with full-scalability.

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The History of Projection Mapping

The art of projection dates back to prehistoric times with roots in shadowgraphy (think bunny shadows using your hands and a lamp). In the 1950s projectors became an emerging technology in the military, academic and entertainment landscapes – projecting static imagery or videos for viewing.

Projection mapping began gaining popularity in the late 20th century, often described as augmented reality (AR) or video mapping. At this point, technological advancements dramatically changed how projected images were built and experienced. Artists and engineers creating scenes that are meant to be not only viewed, but also interacted with.

Projection mapping has spread across multiple industries ranging from entertainment and advertising, even gaining traction residentially. Spanning across these industries, the advanced capabilities of projection mapping technology are causing today’s users to challenge tradition even more. And as this technology becomes more accessible, we can only expect the popularity of augmented reality and projection mapping software to continue rising.

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Essential Tools and Tips for Beginners

Because of today’s advanced augmented reality technology, many users tend to overestimate the skill set required for projection mapping beginners. Getting started with your 3D projection mapping software requires nothing more than a creative mind and a willingness to learn.

Before diving in, it’s important to have the standard equipment required to create your AR experience. Users will need an HD projector, a projector mount to secure their device in place, a projection mapping software and an easily accessible power source near your desired backdrop or objects. (We recommend projecting onto light colored surfaces so colors are reflected more vibrantly.)

Before jumping in, it may be helpful to explore the different ways projection mapping can be used. Familiarizing yourself with examples of augmented reality will give you a better understanding of what can be done, created and experienced with your projection mapping software.

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