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Luxedo Projection System v3


The industry’s benchmark just got better. Meet our most advanced Luxedo Projection System yet. This package comes complete with everything you need to create stunning high-definition 3D displays on any surface for any occasion. Choose from our 3,500 or 4200 ultra-bright lumen and Full HD 1080p resolution laser projectors, which brings twice the pixels for unparalleled brightness and sharper, more detailed images and 30,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Enjoy the most cutting-edge projection technology and watch your displays come to life!

What's New with V3!

  • Fully assembled and plug and play ready
  • Durable steel construction
  • New laser projector included in every model
  • Ergonomic lid design
  • RS232 projector power management
  • Improved heat management
  • Faster processing and wi-fi connection
  • Compact, long-range antenna for better connectivity
  • Improved calibration
  • Padlock capable latch
  • Matte black electrocoated ultra-durable paint
  • Light-weight design

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    The Luxedo Projection System is made of robust cold-rolled steel with a scratch-resistant 5mil electrocoated powdercoat finish. The housing is weather resistant so your projector will stay protected from the elements all year long. Dual cooling fans ensure an ideal operating temperature, while the steel lockable eyelet keeps your device safe and secure. Ultra Clear, anti-reflective coated acrylic viewport ensures all your projects will be displayed with crystal clarity. Bolted inside is a 1080P wide-angle camera, and the powerful LuxCast CPU allows you to communicate with the Luxedo Portal and control your device from anywhere in the world.

    The Luxedo Projection System comes standard with either a 3,500, 4,200 or 6,000 Lumen Native 1080p HD short throw LASER projector. Or choose from several commercial grade options to create the perfect Luxedo package for your application.

    Completely Remote
    The projector is controlled completely remotely. You can configure and operate your projector from anywhere in the world.
    Luxedo Software
    Your projector includes permanent, free access to a custom creative suite which allows you to light up and animate surfaces without complex graphic design software.
    Import your own digital art from any source.
    Upload and stream your own audio and video files to play on a sequenced loop continuously or set up on a queue.
    We make animation easy! Our intuitive tools provide quick, clean ways to animate your projects.
    Choose from a variety of preloaded fonts to create compelling messages, interactive advertisements or engaging signage.
    Decorative Displays
    Create elaborate decorations for any holiday, celebration or event with customized graphics, skins, text, images and more.
    Queue up days, weeks, or even months of content with our scheduling tool.
    With Luxedo Radio, broadcast your projector's audio directly to anyone and everyone's mobile device!
    Each option comes with a different Optoma projector.
    • 3500 lumens - Optoma GT2000HDR
    • 4200 lumens - Optoma ZH450ST
    • 6000 lumens - Optoma ZU606TST-W
    Varies with projector selection.
    • 3500 lumens - native 1920x1080
    • 4200 lumens - native 1920x1080 with 4k compatibility
    • 6000 lumens - native 1920x1200 with 4k compatibility
    Throw Ratio
    Varies with projector selection.
    • 3800 lumens - 0.5 :1
    • 4200 lumens - 0.5 :1
    • 6000 lumens - 0.79:1
    Options range from 3500 lumens to 6000 lumens.
    Projector is equipped with a high-powered Wi-Fi chipset and range extender
    Metal housing ensures resistance to almost any outdoor weather conditions
    Lamp Type
    Anti-Theft Software
    Devices are only powered on through your Luxedo software, which is only accessible with your username and password.
    Security Eyelet
    Luxedo hardware comes equipped with a security eyelet, offering the ability to secure your projector via stake or cabled lock.
    Other Options
    Click here to see our security guide.
    Introducing Version 3
    This package comes complete with everything you need to create stunning high-definition 3D displays on any surface for any occasion.

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