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Fit for creators of all levelsTHE POWER OF PROJECTION

The industry’s benchmark just got better. Meet our most advanced Luxedo Projection System yet. This package comes complete with everything you need to create stunning high-definition 3D displays on any surface for any occasion with our line of LASER projectors. 3,500 or 4,200 ultra-bright lumens and Full HD 1080p resolution mean twice the pixels for unparalleled brightness and sharper, more detailed images with an expected 30,000 hours of maintenance-free projections. Enjoy the most cutting-edge projection technology and watch your displays come to life! Create amazing lightshows like a pro with our most intuitive and simplified design software ever. Watch your holiday decorations, event lightshows, and art installations impress like never before. More light, more power, more applications, more protection, more simplicity, more memorable moments, more WOW. The all new Luxedo Projection System.


Join the LUXEDO community in seamlessly creating projects ranging from 3D art projections, custom designs, digital shows, and visual experiences!

Christmas Magic

St. patrick’s day

Haunted house

Superbowl season

Sculpture upgrade

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Is Luxedo available for Windows?
Yes, for an optimum experience we recommend using a Google Chrome browser.
Is Luxedo available for Mac?
Yes, for an optimum experience we recommend using a Google Chrome browser.
I’m new to this. Will I still be able to understand the Luxedo software?
Yes, Luxedo is designed for users from every technical background.
Will the Luxedo projector cover my whole house?
Use this tool to check if Luxedo is suitable for your projection environment.



I'm fairly seasoned and familiar with projection mapping and I gotta say, this was unbelievably easy. As an AR geek myself this is my new favorite hobby. Nothing I've ever used before was this cohesive and simplified. My guests are always impressed with the different ways I use it indoors.


I was honestly kind of hesitant at first because I've never used this type of equipment before with my art. I'd been creating pretty similar pieces lately and just wanted to spice it up. So glad I ended up doing it because the customer service team made it so easy to learn as a newbie. I was able to design 6 different projects so far and haven't had to purchase any new material like I usually do. It's actually a major cost saver and has boundless potential. Love it!


When I say LIFE CHANGING I cannot express it enough. I got tired of getting on a ladder, stringing Christmas lights, counting how many actually worked, buying new decorations... This year my kids got involved, let their imagination run wild to the point where we were able to switch up our decor once a week just to give my kids the chance to have their favorite designs up.