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LuxOmni V3


Already own a projector, but want to get started with projection mapping with Luxedo? This product allows you to install your own projector to begin mapping immediately! Accommodating most top-of-the-line Optoma projectors, this enclosure will keep your projector safe from the elements with our high quality weather-resistant housing which includes both an internal camera and the internal hardware required to connect wirelessly and utilize our Luxedo software.

Please contact us to confirm sizing. The following projectors are known to fit this enclosure:

  • Optoma GT2000HDR
  • Optoma GT2100HDR
  • Optoma ZH450ST
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Regular price $2,199
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You spoke and we listened! This product features a fully enclosed, weather resistant housing that is a one size fits all for your residential projector. This product allows you to source a projector of your choice and keep it safe in the elements with our high quality weather resistant housing that includes an internal camera and the internal hardware to allow you to connect wirelessly and utilize our Luxedo software.

Completely Remote
The projector is controlled completely remotely. You can configure and operate your projector from anywhere in the world.
Luxedo Software
Your projector includes permanent, free access to a custom creative suite which allows you to light up and animate surfaces without complex graphic design software.
Import your own digital art from any source.
Upload and stream your own audio and video files to play on a sequenced loop continuously or set up on a queue.
We make animation easy! Our intuitive tools provide quick, clean ways to animate your projects.
Choose from a variety of preloaded fonts to create compelling messages, interactive advertisements or engaging signage.
Decorative Displays
Create elaborate decorations for any holiday, celebration or event with customized graphics, skins, text, images and more.
Queue up days, weeks, or even months of content with our scheduling tool.
With Luxedo Radio, broadcast your projector's audio directly to anyone and everyone's mobile device!
Metal housing ensures resistance to almost any outdoor weather conditions
Anti-Theft Software
Devices are only powered on through your Luxedo software, which is only accessible with your username and password
Security Eyelet
Luxedo hardware comes equipped with a security eyelet, offering the ability to secure your projector via stake or cabled lock
Other Options
Click here to see our security guide.
Housing Size
Varies with size selection.
  • 4000 Series - 18in x 16.5in x 9in
  • 6000 Series - 21in x 19.5in x 10in
Max Projector Size
Varies with size selection.
  • 4000 Series - 10.5in x 13.25in x 4.25in.
  • 6000 Series - 12.in x 15in x 5.25in
Introducing LuxOMNI
LuxOMNI is ideal for those who already own a projector and want to use LUXEDO’s one-size-fits-all weather-proof case while also utilizing LUXEDO’s cutting-edge technology software.

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