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Reasons to join LUxedo's Projection Mapping Awards

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If you don't already have a starter Luxedo system, you can get one here and immediately save $300 with the code PMA!


First prize will win a high lumen commercial grade projection mapping system valued at over $20,000!


Use our projection mapping system and software to show off your design skills!


Get featured as an exclusive Luxedo Partner and join Luxedo's network of show designers!

Sending in your lightshow

How to enter

The Official Projection Mapping Awards is open to anyone who wants to explore the power of projection mapping and show off their talents. Luxedo has designed the easiest to use projection mapping hardware and software in the world, and now you can leverage our systems to win big! Simply use our system to create and display your projection mapping show, film a video of your show in action, and send the video to or submit it here.

Win a Commercial Grade Projection Mapping System

Prize Details

First place will receive a commercial grade 10,000 lumen projection mapping system valued at over $20,000!

The winner will be featured as an exclusive Luxedo Partner and receive the official title and award for Best Mapping Designer!

The winning projection mapping show will be featured in Luxedo's exclusive network of show designers, giving you exposure to our commercial clients and potential opportunities for hire!

With Our 10,000 Lumen Commercial System, Anything is Possible

Our Commercial Mapping System

Unrivaled Brightness

With an impressive 10,000 lumens of brightness, our projection mapping system delivers stunning visuals that captivate audiences and command attention. Whether you're projecting onto a large-scale surface or residentially at home, our system ensures that every detail shines with clarity and brilliance.

Exceptional Clarity

Powered by advanced laser technology, our commercial-grade projector delivers unparalleled image quality with razor-sharp resolution and vibrant colors. From intricate designs to dynamic animations, every element of your projection mapping show will come to life with breathtaking clarity and precision.

Versatile Performance

Designed to meet the demands of professional installations, our 10,000 lumen projection mapping system offers versatility and flexibility to suit a wide range of applications. Whether you're creating immersive experiences for live events, retail environments, or architectural landmarks, our system delivers consistent and reliable performance in any setting.

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate our projection mapping system into your existing setup with ease. Compatible with our proprietary projection mapping software, our system allows for effortless content creation, management, and playback, giving you full control over your projection mapping shows with intuitive tools and features.

Unmatched Value

As the winner of Luxedo's Projection Mapping Contest, you'll receive our 10,000 lumen projection mapping system valued at over $20,000, completely free of charge. This invaluable prize will empower you to take your projection mapping skills to new heights and unlock endless possibilities for creativity, innovation, and monetization.

The Power of Luxedo in Action

At Luxedo, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible with projection mapping technology. That's why we're proud to offer our state-of-the-art commercial projection mapping systems, a powerhouse of innovation and creativity that will transform any space into a mesmerizing canvas of light and imagination.